Freida van Staden is currently a Certified Practising Member of Speech Pathology Australia.
Freida has been practising as a Private Speech-Language Pathologist for many years.

Her interests lie in the field of language and speech sound development as well as emergent literacy skills for reading, writing and spelling.

The first two Listen Hear Apps were originally designed by Freida. Grateful acknowlegement and many thanks go to Peter Hewitt for providing inspiring input as he continues to develop Apps for Speechie Fun. Working with Peter remains a thrilling, unforgettable and sometimes daunting experience! Thank you Peter!

Hands on, one on one interaction is of prime importance for speech, language and literacy development. With the advent of tablets and iPads however, Apps have now become useful resources in education. It is hoped that the Apps that Speechie Fun has developed thus far and the ones currently in the making become useful resources in the repertoire of speech therapists, teachers, teacher aides, parents and care givers.
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